About Us

Our History

Central Builders Supply Company was established in 1928 on Packer’s Island in Sunbury, PA. In the early years, the business was involved in construction and supplying building materials to the local region. The construction division was mainly involved in highway and bridge construction. Lack of labor and equipment during World War II phased out the construction division and the company became more focused on supplying the local area with construction materials.

From the early years on Central Builders Supply Company was involved in producing concrete block, ready-mix concrete, and concrete products from the Sunbury location. After World War II the company began the acquisition of sand and gravel sites in order to supply the company and customers with quality aggregates. This integration caused Central Builders Supply Company to grow into the company that it is today.

Today, Central Builders Supply Company is a leading supplier of concrete block, ready-mix concrete, sand and gravel, and concrete-related products. The company employs over 90 people and operates in locations throughout Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania.


The Northumberland Sand Plant achieved the best safety record of all eligible operations in the Small Bank or Pit Group of the 2006 Sentinels of Safety Program, co-sponsored by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the National Mining Association.

The Northumberland Sand Plant was awarded the “Sentinels of Safety” trophy and Certificate of Achievement in Safety for its outstanding safety performance of no lost-workday injuries and the lowest no-days-lost injury rate in a total worktime of 10,029 employee hours in the surface mine and associated shops and yards during the year.