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Interstar Color System

Central Builders Supply Company  is pleased to now offer Interstar’s EasyStar color system. This system creates thousands of colors to meet the demands of the fussiest customers. What’s more, the colors are the most vibrant pigments with the highest tinting strength on the market, they won’t fade and are consistent from batch to batch. Like full […]
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It’s That Time of Year Again – Hot Weather Concrete

As we begin to hit the heat of summer, we should think about proper concrete placement practices to combat the heat.  High temperatures can affect fresh concrete in a multitude of ways: Increase water demand Accelerate slump loss Accelerate set times Higher curing temperatures can reduce ultimate strength of concrete Increased chance of rapid surface […]
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Concrete Scaling

Every spring, after the winter snow and ice have disappeared from the tops of concrete driveways, sidewalks and other exterior flatwork, homeowners are uncovering what first appear to be surface blemishes that were not apparent in the fall or in the case of freshly installed concrete, when it was first placed. The concrete slab looked […]
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A Concrete Driveway: The Right Choice

When you think of concrete, you think of an attractive, durable, versatile, functional and quality product. Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world. The components of concrete are simple: gravel or limestone, sand, water, cement and certain chemical additives. The science surrounding concrete is complex. When considering what type of material […]
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